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CELL Foods is one of Canada’s leading importers and processors of spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables and seasonings. Our dynamic growth is a reflection of our dedication to outstanding customer service and commitment to sourcing only the freshest, highest quality spices and dehydrated vegetables available on the market.

Whether you are a small food processor, spice packer or multinational, you can count on our sourcing and processing expertise, to make CELL Foods a seamless and integral part of your supply chain.

Our modern processing facility is HACCP certified-gold.
We are Kosher and Halal certified, and many of our products are also Organic certified.

Most importantly, every CELL Foods employee is keenly aware that our products are an integral part of the food chain, and we will not make any compromises on food safety.

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If you need it, there's a good chance we've got it. Our goal is to become your single source provider of spices, herbs, seasonings, and dehydrated vegetables.

Our Process

Our process begins at the source and ends with on spec quality and on time delivery. CELL Foods has developed, and continues to develop, a network of strong relationships with our suppliers all over the world. We do this with first hand visits of our suppliers’ production facilities and the respective farming areas whether in Turkey, Canada, India, Vietnam, or any other part of the world. This translates into solid and up-to-date knowledge of market conditions for the products we offer.

Once in our purpose-built processing facility, the raw material goes through a rigorous inspection and manufacturing process to meet our customer's specifications.

Our dedicated employees ensure that it is all done on time every time.

Importing and Processing See the pictures

Food Safety and Quality

Clean food starts at the source. Our Food Safety and Quality Control philosophy starts with selecting the right raw material suppliers - most of whom have food safety certifications - and continues right through the shipment of finished product to our customers. From procurement to processing, our Quality Control team conducts thorough analyses and systematic laboratory tests of pre-shipment samples as well as received shipments before, during and after processing.

Once a spice container reaches our facility, our quality control procedures conducted by our fully equipped in-house laboratory staff, include systematic organoleptic as well as microbiological testing. You can be certain that we will deliver optimum product to you within the crop and climate variations that occur year to year.

Because we understand that our products are at the heart of your good taste.

CELL Foods ensures that our products meet stringent pathogen, as well as overall micro specifications, in order to mitigate the risk of food-borne illness. We are the only North American supplier of spices and herbs to have both on-site ETO (Ethylene Oxide) treatment as well as steam treatment facilities.
Our validated steam treatment system is the only treatment method allowed for organic and naturally labelled products, or for products that need to be exported to countries that do not allow ETO.

Because we are committed to producing the safest food products available.

We also offer irradiation through a nearby third-party radiation facility as an additional method of sterilization should this be requested. However, this treatment method must be identified on the package label.
We do all micro testing in our on-site laboratory, and regularly validate our results with independent third party certified laboratories.


CELL Foods is always looking for food science professionals as well as experienced food processing workers who are committed to providing our customers with finest quality products, superior service and reliable delivery – day in and day out.

We like to think of CELL Foods as a great place to work. We have respect for each other, we try to have fun, and we work hard as a team. We are creative, agile and customer focused. If you think you'd like to work in this kind of environment, we'd be happy to accept your application.

P.S. We love food

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We are located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec near the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International airport in Dorval with easy access to all major transportation links.

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